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Striving to have a clean and disinfected environment for your patients is imperative. Our Infection Prevention Devices or Infection Control Devices help nearly achieve total-room disinfection. Learn more about Disinfection Practices from the CDC.  This is by using UV Light, Hydrogen Peroxide Fog and other solutions. These devices (HaloFogger, ESS and AUVS) are all easy to use and require no certifications. Hydrogen Peroxide Fog really works and is 99.9999% effective. While designed originally for Health Systems, Hospitals, Clinics, Long Term Care or Rehab Facilities, they can also be utilized in: Compounding Pharmacies, Assisted Living Facilities, Locker Rooms, Cafeterias, Play Areas, Mass Transit or Waiting Rooms.  We know Infection Prevention. This Whole Room Disinfection Discussion Article written by Helen Boehm Johnson, MD covers many ways to combat infections.

Watch this video from the Joint Commission about Facilitating Change in Infection Prevention and ControlThis notice came out from JCAHO about Hand Hygiene Compliance

ASR is experienced in JCAHO Prep for Mobile Carts, Nurses Stations, Admissions and other areas of the Hospital or Health System.  You can rely on us to help you get the highest scores possible and, as we all know, help reduce Infections and HAIs.  Read about Patient Safety Goals from The Joint Commission.

Learn more about the AUVS, HaloFogger and ESS below.  ASR knows Infection Control and Infection Prevention. Read more about CDC Core IP Practices.

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The HaloFogger

The HaloFogger is an EPA registered 5% Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging machine that will completely envelope a room or enclosure. Every nook and cranny of the room is treated effectively by this dry fog. The HaloFogger provides a 99.9999 Log Reduction Kill, which is among the highest in the industry and is safe around delicate electronics. The Halosil solution comes in convenient 4 one Gallon cases and spray bottles. We carry all of the Halosil products including the Vent Kits and Test Strips for the HaloFogger. See our Halo Fogger Brochure

The Fogger comes in 3 Models:

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The ESS Sprayer

This Electro Static Sprayer is a portable spraying system that electrifies the solution into a charged spray that attaches to everything that is in the direction of the spray.  It even covers the back side of target objects. It is safe to apply around people in all common areas as hallways, elevators, waiting rooms and cafeterias. This ESS device is very effective in delivering our natural disinfection solution, Aquaox and then Penetrexx (a 30+ day residual barrier) can be applied.  See ESS Electro StaticSpraying System Brochure 

There are 3 sizes of sprayers available:

  • Backpack ESS with rechargeable batteries
  • Suitcase ESS larger capacity tank
  • Cart ESS with largest tank

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The AUVS is a UV Box designed to sanitize and disinfect (99.99%) all Handhelds, Phones, Remotes, Lead Wires or anything small enough to fit inside. Stop Cross Contamination with Ultra Violet Light and this easy 55 second process in the AUVS. We can’t praise this device enough in the fight of Infections like C.diff and others. It is safe for all electronic devices and is made in the USA.

Use the AUVS in:

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Nurses Stations
  • NICU
  • ED

See AUVS UV Box Brochure

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