Brochures, Handouts, User Manuals and Videos.

Point-of-Care Products

ASR Healthcare is an industry expert in the areas of Point-of-Care and Infection Control for Healthcare Facilities of any size. We represent and service the leading devices in both of these important aspects of Patient Care.  Each product we market was carefully selected because of its Value and ROI.  We know Point-of Care and know how to help you with it.  You can rely on ASR for the best products, support and service available today.  Below is a collection of Brochures, User Manuals, Handouts and Videos that we wanted to share.

Best Practices for Mobile Carts

Common Cart Configurations

AccessPoint Operations Manual 

AFC Ergonomics in Health

AFC Healthcare

AFC IT furniture

Altus Care Moves Brochure

Altus Reach Wallarm Brochure

Altus PM Guide

Altus Warranty

Altus Non Powered Product Catalog

Amico Carts Accessories

Amico Healthcare IT brochure

Amico Hummingbird Cart Brochure

Amico Hummingbird Med Workstation on Wheels

Amico Hummingbird Computer Workstation on Wheels for Laptop

Amico Hummingbird Med Workstation on Wheels with Smart Drawers

Amstron MedXP 160 Brochure

Amstron MedXP 300V4 Brochure

Amstron MedXP 300V4 User Manual

Anton Bauer T2 Charger Manual

Capsa M38e Product Sheet

Capsa M38e User Manual Electrical Lift

Capsa m38e User Manual Mechanical lift

Capsa POC Comprehensive Brochure

Capsa Preventive Maintenance

FLO 1510 Laptop Cart Operations Manual

FLO 1760 Operators Manual

GCX Brochure for IT

GCX Brochure Medical

GCX Brochure Patient Engagement

ITD Carts Catalog

JACO 100 Series Carts

JACO UltraLite 200 Series Carts

JACO UltraLite 300 Series Carts

JACO UltraLite 500 Series Carts

JACO Evo Series Carts

JACO One Series Carts

JACO PV-AIO Series Carts

JACO PowerBlade Charger User Guide

JACO Quick Start Guide

MPS-4007 PS Operations Manual 

MPS-4009 PS Operations Manual

MPE-7800 PS Operations Manual

Rubbermaid M38 User Manual

Rubbermaid M38 RX User Manual

Rubbermaid M38 RX User Supplemental Manual

Rubbermaid M40 User Manual

Rubbermaid XP Cart Manual

Rubbermaid Carelink User Manual

Seal Shield Keyboard Datasheet

Seal Shield Mouse Datasheet

TouchPoint Medical AccessPoint Carts Brochure

TouchPoint Medical AccessRx MD

TouchPoint Medical Ergonomics White Paper

TouchPoint Medical Power White Paper

TouchPoint workFLO Carts Catalog


Infection Prevention Products

AUVS UV Box Brochure

AUVS UV Box User Manual

ESS Electro StaticSpraying System Handout

ESS Back Pack Sprayer Operators Manual

Halo Fogger Brochure

Halo Fogger User Manual

Diamond Disinfection Brochure for IP

JCAHO Hand Hygiene Compliance Doc

Puro Healthcare Brochure




Puro-Sentry-M4-Spec Sheet- 9.17.19

Whole Room Disinfection Discussion


Relevent Videos

Cleaning and Disinfecting High Touch Surfaces Video

Altus Cart Overview

Altus Non-Powered Laptop Carts

Altus – The Power of Altus Webinar

AMICO Hummingbird Cart


AUVS In Service Video

Capsa m38e Mobile Cart Video

Capsa m38e User Video

Capsa Slim Cart Video

Capsa Carelink Video

ESS Electrostatic Spraying Systems – Science of Electrostatic Spraying Video

ESS Spraying Toilet Seat Video

GCX Showcase Video

GCX Medical Mounting Solutions

HaloFogger – How to unbox

Halosil Halo Portal

JACO Medical Carts – How it is made.

JACO UltraLite

JACO TRAC Steering

PURO UV Lighting