ASR is your BEST source for replacement batteries for your healthcare COWs and WOWs. We have replacement chargers too!  Think of us for any Computer on Wheels or Workstation on Wheels Battery and Power Supply. Mobile Cart Batteries do not last forever and we have your direct replacements.  We keep Flo Cart Batteries are in stock.

Give new life to Flo and Metro Mobile Workstations by replacing dead/dying NiMH batteries with new ones, like found in the MPE-7800 Chargers. We provide this service with Great Pricing, a 16 month Warranty and a Quick Turnaround. Our clients love and rely on our service!  We supply TrippLite Chargers and Lithium Batteries too. Our Batteries are used in Howard Mobile Carts, Rubbermaid Mobile Carts and Capsa Mobile Carts.


We have new batteries for the Flo Mobile Workstations, Mobile Carts, Laptop Carts, Medication Workstations, Vitals Workstations and Critical Care Workstations.

Contact ASR for pricing. We have trained Technicians to answer any question or help solve an issue for you regarding power for your Healthcare Computer Cart. Our tech center will repopulate a charger, test it and send it fully charged. We service most Healthcare lines of Mobile Carts, Critical Care Carts and Medication Workstations. FLO Cart Batteries and Computer Cart Batteries are now just a click away.

ASR is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are a Point of Care company that knows all knows FLO Mobile Carts and Computer on Wheels Carts. With over 40 years combined experience with them, ASR has developed many ways to reduce your Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Allow us to show you how.  We will help you extend the life of your Mobile Carts and offer Refurbished Mobile Carts to inexpensively put more on the floor.

Contact us at 770.623.0071 or

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