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HaloFogger with 5′ Extension Nozzle and 1 Year Warranty. The HaloFogger EXT provides the same flexible nozzle positioning capability as the FLX but with lower fluid output to treat a range of smaller spaces, from emergency vehicles to biosafety cabinets. Like the FLX, the nozzle assembly is detachable and additional assemblies can be purchased to facilitate rapid treatment. Use with HaloMist, the proprietary, ready-to-use fogging formula, registered in all 50 states. Our unique stabilization process blends the long-leveraged power of hydrogen peroxide with antimicrobial silver ions to provide multiple killing mechanisms for attacking pathogens. HaloMist defends against a broad range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.  The HaloFogger has a 99.9999% kill rate and is EPA Certified.

HaloFogger EXT

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