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AUVS UV Disinfection Box. Just 55 seconds to completely Sanitize any Handheld Device. Anything that can fit inside will be disinfected.  Put multiple items in at once. Use the AUVS everywhere in the Health System to Prevent Cross Contamination.

Effectiveness – Up to 4.5 Log, 99.99% disinfection rate for C. diff spores according to an independent FDA consulting lab protocol and testing; Additional testing with a second independent lab yielded up to a 5.25 Log, 99.999% disinfection rate for norovirus.  The AUVS UV Box is effective in stopping Cross Contamination.

•Speed & Ease of Use – One-button simplicity: No learning curve

•Durability – No moving parts + aluminum casing to protect the UV chamber

•Safety – Since all UV energy is contained, AUVS’ Germicidal Enclosures can be used safely, even in occupied rooms and public areas.

•Environmentally Friendly – Our Germicidal Enclosures use no consumables and create no waste, saving money and reducing the environmental impact as compared with purchasing and disposing tens of thousands of germicidal wipes.

•Protection of Expensive Equipment – the AUVS Germicidal Enclosure will not harm expensive phones and other devices, particularly those with LCD screens, the way bleach-based wipes can.

•ROI – the AUVS Germicidal Enclosure has been shown to pay for themselves in a matter of months based on reduced use of germicidal wipes and disposable devices.

Dimensions: 10″ H X 10″D X 20″W Weight: 10 lbs. Power: 110VAC Bulb Life: 7 years with Heavy Use

Stop Cross Contamination with the UV Box from AUVS.

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AUVS Disinfection UV Box

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