Make sure all patients take the right medications.

RX Carts are Computer Carts or Mobile Carts designed to securely hold and deliver medications to the patient at beside. The RX Carts today only allow the caregiver access to the meds through a Badge, Login or Proximity Reader. These carts help track medications and log delivery time, patient, dosage and who administered into the EMR system. RX Carts typically handle 5 or 6 patients per shift. 

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ASR works closely with all clinics and Health Systems to create the ideal RX Cart for all areas of your Patient Care.

As a premier Point-of-Care Dealer, ASR knows all mobile carts can and should be customized to fit the caregiver’s needs for efficiency. This improves the patient experience and promotes accuracy. ASR provides valuable insight into configuring your ideal RX Cart, Laptop Cart or Med Cart.  Learning about the process of your Caregivers in each area allows us share ways to make them more effective through using the right tools.

A Custom Configuration for Everyone

Here are a few of the items we will consider when designing your custom cart.

  • Batteries – Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Lithium Iron (LiFe) or Lithium Nano (LiNano)
  • Technology – Tiny PC, Laptop or Thin Client
  • Monitor – 22″ LED, 24″ LED, 22″ Touchscreen LED or Dual Monitors
  • Barcode Scanner – Wireless or Tethered
  • Document Scanner – to Scan Insurance Cards and Docs
  • Printer – for Printing Receipts, Instructions, Arm Bands or Other Information
  • Camera – for capturing Patient Images or Tele-Consulting
  • Shelf – for a Printer or Scanner
  • Basket – for High Use Consumables, either Front Mounted or Rear Mounted
  • Cabinet – Locking or Non-Locking, for Consumables, Scopes or Other Items
  • RX Cabinet – Locking, for Meds and Narcotics
  • Accessories – Med Cup Holder, Scanner Brackets, Chart Rack, Trash Bin, Sharps Container, Sani-Wipe Holder or Glove Box Holder

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