FLO logoFLO Laptop CartCOWs, as I call them, are essential tools of every health system. The carts from Flo are rock solid, in fact, we are currently upgrading the technology in 5 year old Flo 1750 carts. With a new Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Cradle, Scanner Holder and HP 8200, an old 1750 cart is almost new again. Once our techs clean, sanitize, service and inspect the cart as the final step, IT IS NEW AGAIN.

The nursing staff is pleased, the IT staff is pleased and the ROI on that cart pleases the Health System Administrators.

The newer generation carts, the Flo 1760s should be ready for upgrades now too.

Oh, by adding the Washable keyboards and mice from Seal Shield with built-in Anti-Microbial, this is a benefit toward Infection Control.

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