A Simple, Affordable Approach to Service

ASR is your reliable source for support and service for your entire fleet of Computer Carts, no matter their age. We offer comprehensive extended warranties and can customize a Mobile Cart support plan for all your needs. A wide variety of parts & products are available to ship within 24 hours as needed.  Our Techs provide on-site cart support including ongoing maintenance plans.  We stock Mobile Cart Batteries. ASR can help you keep your Carts rolling and in top condition for years to come.

Our extensive experience in Healthcare Service has brought us into JCAHO Prep for Mobile Carts, Nurses Stations and other Areas needing attention.  ASRe helps you prepare for the JCAHO surveys and to receive high scores.  Ask us about this valuable Service.

We help protect your investments

Computer on Wheels (COWs) or Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) are built to last for around 5 years.  New carts come with limited warranties but, with regular maintenance and service of your mobile cart fleet, we can help extend your investment beyond that range.

Preventative On-Site Maintenance

Our on-site maintenance plans are the fail-safe way to get the most out of your mobile carts.  We will spend about an hour on each cart thoroughly going through our maintenance checklist and cleaning regiment. Read more

Extended Manufacturer Warranties

All of our new products come with the standard benchmark warranty you would expect but, we are able to design an extended warranty program that best fits the needs of your facility.

Drop Ship Maintenance Parts

Sometimes, all you need is a replacement part. In this case, ASR offers a wide variety of products that are available to ship in as short as 24 hours. We have Batteries for Mobile Carts. Please call us at 877-272-8738.

Our Preventative 

Maintenance Checklist


Clean all power components and fan units


Check monitor for clarity and functionality


Check keyboard and mouse functionality


Tighten/Adjust all wheel assemblies and caster locks


Tighten/Adjust all bolts and mechanical assemblies


Check/Adjust all hydraulic assemblies


Check all drawers and locking mechanisms


Complete Audit Data Report and share with client


Inspect all electrical assemblies and IT components


Clean entire assembly and remove gummed smudges, tape, etc.

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