We proudly serve all Clinics, Hospitals & Health Systems. 

Since 2011, we have become the go-to vendor for Mobile Carts, Medical Laptop Carts, RX Carts, Computer on Wheels and other in-room devices.  ASR offers complete Service, Repairs and Maintenance programs for any Cart of any manufacturer.  We recognize Infection Prevention as being vital to Point-of-Care and offer world class products as solutions for infection reduction.  This helps save lives while saving every facility time and money!  

We are Point-of-Care & Infection Prevention Specialists

Computer on Wheels (COWs), Workstation on Wheels (WOWs), or Medical Laptop Carts are mobile devices used to access patient data, charts and other information. They are an important part of Meaningful Use in Healthcare.  Moving from room to room, nurses tend to each patient’s needs and accurately update their records. Infection Prevention processes help fight HAIs and the spread of disease.  Our Infection Prevention or Infection Control devices help disinfect and ultimately save lives.  We take great pride in helping Caregivers take care of people.  See the 2019 Guidelines for Patient Safety Goals in AmbulatoryCritical Care Access Facilities and Hospitals from The Joint Commission.

Powered Carts

Powered Computer Carts have on-board battery power and are used throughout the facility.  We have many options available for specific tasks.

Non-Powered Carts

Non-Powered Computer Carts feature a lightweight design, enabling easy maneuverability, and are a cost-efficient solution for clinical documentation.

Medication Carts

Medication Carts come in different sizes and in Unit Dose or Punch Card versions to fit the needs of every facility. Our Medical Carts vary by procedure.


Refurbished Carts

ASR provides top notch Refurbished Mobile Carts at about half the cost of new ones. Imagine putting twice as many Carts on the floor while making the Nursing Staff and CFO happy.

Infection Prevention

Now you can have the peace of mind that the space you see your patients is a safe, clean environment .We have a powerful portfolio of products to achieve almost total disinfection.

Parts Store

We provide a full array of Mobile Cart Batteries, Parts and Accessories. These include Power Supplies, Storage Baskets, Scanner Brackets  and Med Cup Holders.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Service

ASR offers many options for Service and Maintenance on your Mobile Carts. We are flexible with your specific needs and can tailor a plan that fits your vision and budget. No matter the age of your fleet, we provide customized support for your exact needs. Regularly scheduled maintenance secures the wellness of your mobile cart fleet, protects your patients health, and saves money by extending the overall product life vs replacing carts prematurely. Nurses take great pride in using Mobile Carts that are in top operational condition and sanitized too!

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