Stretch your Mobile Cart Budget with ASR.  Do you need to replace some older Computers Carts or augment your fleet quickly and with a proven Healthcare Mobile Cart? We have Refurbished Mobile Carts and Refurbished Laptop Carts in stock!

This is a great budget minded alternative for putting more Workstation on Wheels Carts on the floor. We have plenty of Pre-Owned Mobile Carts and Laptop Carts in stock. Our Team can prepare and often ship in 5 days!.

Our FLO 1760R Computer Carts are completely refurbished by our In House Techs; looking and operating like new. These are half the price of new Nurse Carts including new Batteries and Front Basket. 

ASR provides a 1 Year Parts Warranty on each cart.  

Our FLO 1760R Refurbished Mobile Cart will include:                                               

  • New 24” LED Monitor with 3 Year Warranty                                 
  • New Seal Shield Keyboard with Microban and 2 Year Warranty                                
  • New Seal Shield Mouse with Microban and 2 Year Warranty                               
  • New 12’ Medical Grade Power Cord                                                

Just add your Computer and Barcode Scanner!

 Free Integration: ASR will install your Technology into the cart at No Charge. 

Simply send your Computer, Thin Client or Laptop to us while we are refurbishing and building your custom FLO 1760R Computer on Wheels Cart.  See more about customizing a Healthcare Mobile Cart or Laptop Cart here:

Provide your tethered Scanner or Wireless Scanner Base and we will install that too!  We have Cabinets with Drawers to go on these too.


We have refurbished Rubbermaid Powered & refurbished Laptop Carts too.


Ask ASR to show you the best Healthcare Carts, Med Carts and Laptop Carts for every area they can be used. We are Point of Care experts. You can rely on our team to help you with anything in Point of Care.

See our Healthcare Carts being in the 20th Century Fox series, “The Resident”

Contact us today for a FREE Pre-owned Mobile Cart Consultation.

is bridging the gap for Healthcare providers. We are leading Point of Care company for Healthcare. We know Refurbished Mobile Carts and have developed many ways to reduce your Cost of Ownership and increase your Return on Investment.  Contact us today for a quote on Refurbished Healthcare Computer on Wheels Carts, Laptop Carts, Med Carts, Medication Carts and RX Carts.